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AI can drive a British biotech boom – if startups can get lab space

UK biotech needs more lab space.
Image credit: Matej Kastelic / Shutterstock

The UK has always been a hub of innovation, from inventing the lightbulb and the telephone to discovering the medicinal benefits of penicillin and the structure of DNA. You could say innovation runs in the genes of this country.

Recent advances in artificial intelligence are now merging technology with life sciences. Considering Britain’s strong historical and current prowess in both fields, this fusion is poised to boost the UK’s ambition to be a biotech superpower.

While there’s no shortage of innovation, there is a dearth of lab space threatening to hold back Britain’s biotech growth.

Complexities with the UK planning system have led to a shortage of laboratory space across the UK. Over half (56%) of planned life science developments in the Golden Triangle are still awaiting planning decisions....