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The UK’s fastest-growing companies revealed

Investment growing

SyndicateRoom, the online investment platform, has launched a report entitled “Top 100: Britain’s Fastest-Growing Businesses”.

The report uses data provided by independent research firm Beauhurst to create a league table of the private UK companies that have increased in value the most since 2015.

Bulb, the single-tariff energy provider providing electricity from 100% renewable sources, tops this year’s list having increased its valuation by a whopping multiple of 351x since 2015.

Global fashion search engine Lyst and biotech startup ReViral secured the second and third place positions, having grown their valuations by 135x and 59x respectively.

The report also uncovered the startling figure that only 12% of the UK’s fastest-growing companies have female founders, highlighting a genuine need to address the UK’s narrow view of entrepreneurship.

Francesca O’Brien, head of private markets at SyndicateRoom, said: “It’s always great to see such a wide array of exciting companies leading the nation – but there is some cause for concern.

“The UK’s historical status as Europe’s tech hub is based in part on the easy access London startups have to VC financing. Brexit is already affecting the level of funding available for our homegrown businesses.

“If the UK wants to remain at the edge of innovation, we need to find a new way to collaborate.”

Hayden Wood, co-founder & CEO of Bulb said: “At Bulb, our core mission is to make energy simpler, cheaper and greener – to help people cut their bills while also reducing their carbon emissions. 2018 has been amazing year for us, as more people have joined us in our mission to make the UK the greenest country on earth.

“Our 850,000 members help save 1.1 million tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere every year. That’s the equivalent of planting more than 500 million trees.

“We are investing hugely in technology that helps our members save money on their bills and helps us to provide a better service. We are only just getting going and we are excited about a number of innovations we are working on for 2019 – so watch this space.”

Henry Whorwood, head of research & consultancy at Beauhurst, said: “Beauhurst’s valuation data has identified the UK’s fastest-growing companies and it’s very pleasing to see such a diverse range of sectors represented.

“It’s not just software companies that are powering the UK’s economy and delivering value for shareholders. From energy to food and drink, the UK’s entrepreneurs are creating the world-leading businesses that our economy needs in the uncertainty ahead.”

Launched in September 2013, SyndicateRoom is an online investment platform which has helped 140+ early-stage UK businesses secure more than £140m in funding through its investor-led equity crowdfunding model.

Beauhurst examined the valuation of all companies tracked in the cohort of companies that had raised at least one round of equity funding before 30/6/15 and at least one round of equity funding after 1/7/15.

This cohort comprised UK private companies only, currently at the seed, venture or growth stage. Any dead, dying or exited companies were excluded (this left a cohort of 1,479 companies).

Beauhurst then applied further filters to exclude companies that had raised in total less than £25,000, had a pre-money valuation of less than £1m in 2015, or who gave away a majority stake in their pre-30/6/15 equity transaction.