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HR management platform Zelt lands £2.7m

Image credit: Zelt

Digital HR management system provider Zelt has raised £2.7m to scale its marketing and bring its product to more international clients.

Founded in 2022, Zelt is a platform that combines HR management, IT and financial operations for corporate clients.

“Until now, companies needed to piece together a number of different tools in order to run even basic people operations, due to the limited scope of the existing tools available,” said Zelt founder and CEO, Chris Priebe.

“This made it difficult for companies to take a holistic approach, not to mention facilitate automation and self-service options.”

According to the company, the all-in-one nature of the platform means HR teams don’t have to rely on multiple software products.

The funding round was co-led by Episode 1 Ventures and Village Global, and featured a handful of angel investors.

“As soon as we started using Zelt’s product, we got excited. Chris has flipped the conventional thinking on its head and prioritised the employee journey right from the start. Zelt has worked out what services every employee needs and puts them on a timeline that makes the most sense for the user,” said Paul McNabb, partner at Episode 1 Ventures.

“Onboard in minutes with the right device and payroll configuration, setup software tools and schedule workflows, and then add to that as the relationship evolves.”