UK workers: Improved productivity and mental health top office benefits

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Improved mental health and increased productivity are two of the main benefits that come with working in the office, a survey of UK workers has shown.

Last week the government ended its work from home guidance, with ONS data showing the Omicron variant has peaked in the UK.

Removing this guidance immediately caused a small uptick in weekday public transport use in London, suggesting businesses are beginning to welcome employees back to previously deserted offices.

Some 32% of UK workers believe that returning to the office will provide a boost to their mental health, according to research published by smart building platform Infogrid.

Meanwhile, 44% of respondents said that returning to the office would improve their productivity.

“It is clear that for hundreds of thousands of Brits, being able to go to the office or their physical workplace is a necessary part of maintaining their mental wellbeing, and many feel more productive in that setting too,” William Cowell de Gruchy, CEO at Infogrid.

As Covid restrictions have eased, employers have been weighing up the best working arrangements for staff. The survey of 2,000 UK employees found that 63% of workers appreciate having access to an office or physical workspace. The hybrid model is preferred by 38% of people, while just 25% said they would order to work out of an office full time.

The top reasons cited by UK employees for returning to the office include working in a positive social environment (35%), a reason for them to leave the house (26%), not having to worry about the cold at home (25%) and the daily commute providing time to transition between home and work life (23%).