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Top cybersecurity tips for startups and scaleups


Ben Brabyn, head of Level39 – home to some of the UK’s cybersecurity and FinTech firms – explains how the nation can stay safe online. 

As if to round off Uber’s annus horribilis, the ride sharing company was embroiled in a recent cybersecurity scandal.

The company revealed that it had concealed a global breach of the personal information of 57 million customers and drivers in 2016. The affair not only highlighted the importance of transparency when it comes to reporting incidents, but also brought the threat posed by cyber attacks into sharp focus once again.

Cybersecurity is not a new topic, we’ve been hearing about data breaches, malware and cybercriminals for a long time now, but recent geopolitical turmoil and the increasing number of high-profile attacks have brought the issue front of mind....