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Our homes may be getting smarter, but are we keeping up?

bitdefender cybersecurity

Bogdan Botezatu, senior e-threat analyst at Bitdefender, talks about the rise of IoT devices and the implications for cybersecurity.

Our homes are getting smarter. Over the past few years, a multitude of internet connected devices have been released that serve a wide range of functions, from allowing us to turn the lights on via voice command through to locking or unlocking our front doors remotely.

The aim of these devices is clear — making domestic bliss easier and more convenient to achieve, often whilst saving us money in the process.

However, while keen to extol the virtues of these products, manufacturers are often more reticent when it comes to the potential risks associated with them.

The fact is that each device may lift some of the admin burden from everyday life, but it may also compromise two of your home’s most important characteristics — privacy and security....