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A cyber Christmas carol: The ghosts of malware past, present and future

A cyber christmas carol

Bogdan Botezatu, senior e-threat analyst at Bitdefender, takes a look at past and present cyber threats.

Christmas has traditionally been a time of reflection as well as festivities. It offers a convenient opportunity to evaluate the events of the previous 12 months, and plan for those ahead. Perhaps this is why ‘A Christmas Carol’, the novella by Charles Dickens, has remained enduringly popular for over 150 years.

For those unfamiliar with the tale, it is focused on the character of Ebeneezer Scrooge, an old miser who is visited on Christmas Eve by three ghosts: Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come. The new perspective that Scrooge gains during these visits causes a complete change in his behaviour, and the way he is perceived by society. Given the longstanding benefits of this period of reflection, it is something that I would urge those responsible for the cybersecurity of their business to also undertake....