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What not to do when pitching to a VC

Pitching to a VC

Getting funded and how to approach VCs for investment is often on every startup founder’s mind. Nic Brisbourne, managing partner at Forward Partners, shares his advice on how to approach tech investors.

In my role as a VC investing in very early stage startups, I’m lucky to meet aspiring and established entrepreneurs every week and have been doing so for over 16 years.

A big part of the job is being pitched to, which is an element that I love – it means I get to meet an incredible variety of people and businesses.

I also enjoy the intellectual challenge of adapting to each business and the varying styles of different entrepreneurs.

A well-executed proposal by a passionate founder who has a revolutionary idea is obviously the holy grail. What sets great pitches apart are those that feature well-thought through plans for big markets, presented with passion and humility....