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AI-powered learning platform HowNow raises $3m

HowNow, the modern learning platform designed to help today’s workforce drive self-directed learning and develop business-critical skills, has now raised more than $3m in funding, following the close of its pre-series A funding round, led by Fuel Ventures.

Founded by Nelson Sivalingam with co-founders Kuvera Sivalingam and Ashish Kumar in 2016, HowNow is an integrated learning platform that autonomously curates learning resources, business intelligence and market insights that live in dozens of different internal and external sources, and makes it available everywhere employees work.

The AI-powered learning platform is used by SMEs and large Corporates to onboard, upskill and enable employees.

The company’s investors now include the likes of Mark Pearson (founder of MyVoucherCodes); Andy Murray OBE; Michael Whitfield and Chris Bruce (founders of Thomsons Online Benefits); Bernie Sinniah (former managing director at Citi Bank); and Alwin Magimay (a former partner at McKinsey).

Using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, HowNow is able to personalise learning for employees based on their role, experience, learning preferences, skill requirements, business goals and their context.

The platform helps businesses create a continuous learning culture by embedding learning into existing workflows with a browser extension that adds a layer of knowledge on top of all web applications as well as integrations with Slack, Salesforce, Hubspot and over 300 more apps.

“On a macro level, not addressing the skills gaps fuelled by advances in technology and longer life expectancy will result in a growing segment of economically and socially Irrelevant people,” said Nelson Sivalingam, founder and CEO of HowNow.

“For businesses this translates into a gap in performance potential and the risk of staying relevant in a competitive market. Companies need to invest in building a continuous learning culture to futureproof their workforce.”

Michael Whitfield, an investor in HowNow, added: “All through my career in HR Technology, employers have complained about the lack of software to join up, drive and measure their investments into learning managing systems.

“There is so much out there for employers to choose from, but once purchased it is too often left to wither on the vine. It’s brilliant that HowNow has reinvented learning for today’s agile workforce, and I’m incredibly excited to be part of their team.”