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Looking to fundraise? Here’s how to do it


Gary Turner, MD and co-founder of Xero, shares his top advice to help tech entrepreneurs raise funds for their businesses.

Fundraising continues to be one of the greatest challenges for small businesses. Analysis from the Office for National Statistics found that six in 10 businesses won’t see their fifth birthday, and research from Xero show that of those who failed, over half (65%) blamed financial issues such as poor access to capital as the reason why.

Small businesses provide a huge contribution to the British economy, so it’s a shame that they aren’t always getting a fair deal. The first port of call would usually be banks, but it can be extremely difficult to secure funding from them. However, there are other ways.

In the UK, we’ve worked with thousands of businesses first hand and have seen the interesting ways that they’ve financed themselves. Here are some of the ways that they are getting hold of that all-important cash:...