PetsApp raises €3.9m for virtual veterinarian appointments

PetsApp funding

London-based PetsApp, a platform for veterinary clinics to manage their practices and hold virtual appointments, has secured €3.9m (£3.3m) in a funding round.

The investment round was led by Point Nine Capital along with participation from Adjacent, GFC, Market One Capital and a slew of angel investors.

PetsApp will use the funds to build its product and to focus on international expansion. It has two offerings: one for vets and one for pet owners. PetsApp’s platform lets vets prioritise queries and manage their workflows, communications, payments and bookings.

Pet owners can book appointments and conduct remote consultations. The startup says its platform has helped over 200,000 pets with over 650,000 virtual care interactions.

Founded in 2020 by Thom Jenkins and Will Monk, the company says its platform can help with the backlog of vetinary cases that built up during the pandemic.

“We wanted to help clinic owners and operators grow their business, as well as making care more convenient for pet owners,” said Thom Jenkins, co-founder, PetsApp. “But what about the veterinary teams? What if they just saw this as one more thing to do? One more reason to miss lunch. One more reason to be home late. We wanted to build something that would alleviate veterinary burn out, not add to it.”