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Nesta launches first UK crowdfunding directory

CrowdingIn aims to become the UK’s most comprehensive listing of crowdfunding platforms

Nesta’s new directory is free to use and it currently lists 31 different crowdfunding platforms. The charity estimates crowdfunding could raise up to £15bn of finance per year in the future.

Crowdfunding is growing in popularity and is used by a wide range of businesses from tech startups to organic bakeries.

Platforms listed in the directory include:, PledgeMusic and Solarschools. CrowdingIn also specifies which platforms accept investments from outside of the UK.

Crowdfunding – becoming a bubble?

Crowdfunding has been a hot topic with some recent reports suggesting more businesses are considering it as an alternative form of funding while bank loans and venture capital are difficult to access.

Some have already questioned whether crowdfunding is becoming a ‘bubble’.

Peter Baeck, Policy Advisor at Nesta believes while crowdfunding continues to grow, “it’s up to investors to assess the sustainability of businesses.”

“There’s a huge variation between crowdfunding platforms, offering different models for different purposes. What we’re trying to do with CrowdingIn is give people thinking about crowdfunding a good overview of the different platforms out there.”


Nesta have also published a free downloadable guide on crowdfunding. Download Working The Crowd here.

Tech City News will be holding a roundtable discussing the benefits of crowdfunding for startups at the Eight Club in Moorgate on 28th May 2013. Attendees include private investors and KPMG’s Tim Kay. If you’re interested in attending contact us by