Boksi, a European growth startup focussing on influencer marketing drums up £1M funding


Creating a concept and coming up with the right visual can be easier said than done. Besides important factors like relevancy and interests, the content needs to be eye-catching and engaging. In this digital era, consumers demand more from content, not just in terms of quantity, but also quality. In this case, sourcing content can be helpful. At present, there are lots of platform available  out there for who create on-demand photo and video content for brands and one such company is Boksi. 

Raised £1 million funding

Based out of Helsinki, Boksi aims to bring value in helping companies find the right micro-influencers for their brand. In this regard, the Finnish company raised €1.2 million (approx £1 million) in funding led by Trind Ventures (Estonia) who followed up their earlier investment in the company in 2019. 

“Gen Z-ers and Millennials are both insatiable and highly demanding when it comes to content. This is a huge opportunity for B2C companies. We’ve seen brands, such as Daniel Wellington, skyrocket from zero to hundreds of millions in revenues faster than ever because they have been able to cater to the content needs of these generations”, explains Boksi’s CEO Lasse Laaksonen.

Other investors in the round include prominent Nordic angel investors, as well as Finland’s public innovation fund Business Finland. This brings the overall funding to €2.2 million (approx £2 million). The company will use the funding to expand through Europe and the UK.

Curated network of global content creators

Founded by Lasse Laaksonen, Linus Lindgård, Rasmus Ritamäki, and Tomer Atzmon, Boksi.com runs a curated network of global content creators who create on-demand photo and video content for brands. 

“We had a desperate need for authentic content but no cost-effective way to source it at scale. That’s why we founded Boksi”, Tomer Atzmon, co-founder at Boksi, details his experiences.

Notably, Boksi’s IP – algorithms match the right content creators with the right brands for maximal authenticity, reach, and sales conversions. Currently, the company works with various reputed clients including Lidl, MTV, and Burger King.

“Influencers have an exceptionally good understanding of what type of content creates the highest engagement within their typical target audience. The algorithms that power Instagram and other platforms prefer this authentic and engaging content offering it a much better reach”, CEO Lasse Laaksonen explains.

“Further on it’s our job to create the algorithms that match the right content creators with the right brands for maximal authenticity, reach, and sales conversions”, he continues.

One of Boksi’s new investors is Robin Bade (founder and former European CEO of digital agency Mirum, part of WPP with 45 offices around the globe).

“I have seen Boksi make the sourcing of branded content better and more affordable for brands and agencies,” answered Robin Bade when asked about why he invested in Boksi and joined as the new chairman of the board.