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Early Impact: How Science Card is using fintech to fund research

Science Card

Scientific research is a vital part of the innovation economy and one in which the UK prides itself on excelling.

Researchers at academic institutions devote their lives to studying disease, medicine, environmental damage and other important areas that need the attention of experts.

Several options exist to direct funding towards scientific research in the UK. The typical route is grant funding from the government, charities and other institutions.

While there is plenty of grant money available in the UK, Daniel Baeriswyl, a scientist by training, says it’s a “lengthy process with a lot of risk involved”.

The outcome, says Baeriswyl, is that thousands of researchers must juggle their projects with applying for funding.

Meet Science Card

Founded in 2021 by Baeriswyl and his co-founder John Vardakis, Science Card is an e-money account provider where users fund academic and scientific research....