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Atom Bank to keep four-day week in 2023

Atom Four-day

British fintech Atom Bank will keep its four-day workweek in 2023 on a permanent basis, following a successful trial period this year.

In August, the Durham-based challenger bank published figures updating the public on the four-day week trial, posting a number of positive statistics.

“Moving to a four-day week has not been without its difficulties, however, it is one of the most transformative things we’ve done as a company,” said Anne-Marie Lister, chief people officer at Atom Bank.

“Since we launched our trial in November 2021, we have not only seen a more productive, healthier, and, crucially, happier workforce, but our customer service metrics are at record highs and more people are looking to start a career with Atom.”

It saw a 49% increase in job applications at the company during the trial period and 92% of its staff said they worked more efficiently over the four-day structured week.

Lister added: “Sceptics may argue that a business couldn’t grow under a four-day week, however, this year has been one of continued progress and development at Atom.”

This year the bank brought in more than £100m in funding against a backdrop of a wider downturn in tech financing. The fintech raised £75m funding round in February and a £30m investment in November.

Despite the success the company has found in securing funding, it has had to push back its previously established ambitions for an IPO as a response to the challenging economic market.