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Why Catalonia is the top destination for life science companies  

Catalonia Life Sciences

Catalonia is a hotbed for innovative life science businesses, with more than 1,200 pharma, biotech, medical devices and digital health companies calling it home. An abundance of high-skilled talent, valuable access to market and rich diversity of institutions have consistently made Catalonia a top location for business expansion – and more are making the move.  

Life science businesses in Catalonia benefit from a high concentration of research groups, hospitals, universities and entrepreneurs. Together they create a vibrant ecosystem representing 7.3% of Catalonia’s GDP.  

And despite measuring just 32,000 square kilometres, Catalonia is home to almost 50% of the entire Spanish pharmaceutical industry. 

It’s not surprising that the vast life science and healthcare ecosystem in north-eastern Spain is referred to as the “BioRegion”.   ...