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The future is now: 7 expert tech predictions for 2021

Image credits: Shutterstock

This year was certainly a difficult one, but that shouldn’t dampen our spirits going into 2021. While most of the workforce was managing from home with an immense reliance on technology, next year, we can expect technology to find an even deeper way of integrating with our lives. 

To find out how this might happen, we reached out to some prominent companies in the tech space. With that in mind, here are some tech predictions from UKTN for the coming year. 

Cloud infra: Deeper integration with IT infrastructure 

The services we rely upon, be it a Zoom call or sharing documents online, they all are powered by cloud services. Google Cloud tells us their prediction for the next year that cloud will no longer just be an IT infrastructure decision but it will be infused into a company’s culture and drive new operating models. Additionally, next year, we could witness a more “open” cloud, which builds new environments, enhances employee and customer experiences, reduces costs, increases operational efficiencies and boosts revenue. ...