E-learning services provider Xcademy has successfully closed a seed investment round of £440,000, giving the business a post money valuation of £4,4 million. The raise comes ahead of the launch of its online education portal aimed at young people, which is planned for later this month.

Xcademy provides students with a year-long rewarding educational program that is designed to teach valuable life skills and help them build their confidence.

The portal will have video tutorials who will provide lessons on their experiences and how people can successfully build a large online following. Students will have the opportunity to create their own content, engage with other users and constantly monitor their progress throughout the course. 

The company was founded by Oliver Bell, age 23, from Norwich and Joel Morris, age 21, who is from Milton Keynes.

Joel Morris, Co-Founder of Xcademy said, “Since starting my YouTube channel in 2013 I have experienced firsthand the ups and downs of amassing a large online following. Today, the majority of young people are engaging with YouTube and want to become personalities in their own right.

At Xcademy, we want to empower them to do this by teaching them how to responsibly and ethically build a rewarding online presence. Ever since I started building my own social media channel followings, I have wanted to educate young people, build their confidence and help them believe that anything is achievable.”

Oliver Bell, Co-Founder of Xcademy added: “We have founded Xcademy in order to help teach young people life skills that are not normally taught in schools.

“By providing affordable and engaging online tutorials, we aim to teach our students how they can better themselves and build an online presence that will create a loyal following.”