These are the best cities to start a side hustle in the UK in 2020

Amidst the first COVID-19 lockdown there has been a huge spike in registered UK web domains. Lockdown has not only prompted job losses across the world, but it has also created plenty of enigmas to be solved by startups. Many entrepreneurs are now building solutions in these challenging times to ease human life and to provide basic services.

The UK is currently in a second lockdown, and this might be the best time to start a side hustle. The latest study from UK Domain, which is a free educational resource website has now revealed the top 25 cities in the UK to establish a startup. As UK Domain predicts an increase in the online business during the second lockdown, it has carefully analysed the cities that offer the best atmosphere for a startup.

UK Domain has considered various parameters like population size, cost of living, broadband speed, educational resource, disposable income, and Nemours other validatory points to rank these cities. So, here are some of the best startups that have emerged from the top ten startup-friendly cities in the UK.

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Brighton & Hove

Brighton & Hove are the top cities of the UK to start your side-gig. These cities combined have a population of 290,885, with a side hustle index score of 68.79 (higher the better). In fact, Brighton & Hove are fondly known as Silicon Beach of the world, and startups like Storystream and Brandwatch have come from these twin cities. Just in Brighton, there were 7,377 new domains registered during the first lockdown.

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Edinburgh is the second-best city in the UK to establish a startup with over 5000 newly registered domains during the COVID-19 lockdown. This historically valued city is known for nurturing startups like Skyscanner and pureLiFi. With over 524,930 customer base with internet access, this market is ready for its next startup.

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Gloucester comes in at third-place on the side hustle index with a side hustle index score of 64.55 and an overall population of 129,128. This city has produced a plethora of startups like Anatwine that integrated retailers and brands.

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Bristol is yet another city that is startup-friendly and is in the fourth position with an overall population of 463,377. The city has a side hustle score of 64.39, which is almost similar to Gloucester. Graphcore a semi-conductor company with a specialisation in AI and machine learning is from this city. Another notable startup from Bristol is OVO Energy, which is an independent energy company.

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Cardiff is officially known as City and County of Cardiff, which is also the 11th largest city in the UK. This city has a population of 366,903 and has received a side-hustle score of 63.94. Cardiff is currently the home for startups like myPINpad, which offers payment security solutions. Another notable startup from Cardiff is Bipsync, and it deals with research management software for investors.

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Leeds is known for its cultural and financial institutions. The city has the highest amount of population (793,139), higher than any other top ten cities according to the side hustle index with a score of 62.88. This city has some of the best startups in the country. Cocoon is one such startup that offers smart security solutions, and Synap is another mention worthy startup from Leeds that offers e-learning solutions.

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Newcastle upon Tyne

Newcastle upon Tyne, the city that on the River Tyne is known as a manufacturing hub and centre of business. This city has contributed a lot to the UK startup community and has a population of 302,820 with a side hustle index score of 62.58. Leaf Grow and Perfected3D are a few notable startups from Newcastle upon Tyne.

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Glasgow is also yet another city on a river. This city is known for its architectural marvels and is also the national cultural hub. Glasgow has a side hustle index score of 60.45 with a population of over six lakhs. Houseology is also a startup from this city that offers interior design projects.

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Sheffield is a city in the English county of South Yorkshire with a population size of over 584,853. This city has a hustle index score of 59.24 and is currently the house for thousands of startups. The Floow is a telematics company from Sheffield which is on a mission to offer safer and smarter mobility for all. Rise at Seven is also a Sheffield based startup that offers content marketing strategies like SEO optimisation.

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Plymouth is in the ten position on the BEST UK cities to start a side hustle list with a hustle index score of 58.94 and a population of 262,100. Pixalytics is one such startup from Plymouth that deals with data analytics from Plymouth. The Moment is also a startup based out of Plymouth that works with B2B and B2C audiences.