An inside look at how Covid-19 affected life at eClerx and how they recovered


eClerx was founded in 2000 by Anjan Malik and PD Mundhra with the goal of transitioning, managing and transforming complex business processes. Following successful careers in investment banking, Anjan and PD, graduates of University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, jointly identified significant opportunities for providing innovative services and solutions to large global companies undergoing rapid business transformation challenged by legacy systems, new technology, data inaccuracies, and ever-changing processes and workflows.  

Created from humble beginnings in a small office in Mumbai, today eClerx employs 11,000 people across Australia, Canada, Germany, India, Italy, Netherlands, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, UK, and the USA.  

eClerx prides itself in being client centric, meritocratic, entrepreneurial and having strong levels of integrity and ethics.  

Prital Shah, Head of HR at eClerx, tells UKTN what life has been like at eClerx over the last 18 months… 

“At the start of the pandemic, we had a lot of apprehension about what the future looked like for our clients and our business,” admits Prital.  

“There were disruptions at the demand side and the supply side of our business. Many of our clients had to (expectedly) cut their spending budgets.” 

The supply issue stemmed from the fact that eClerx employees were not set up to work from home, however, this was an issue that was quickly and effectively remedied by the internal IT team.   

“We were able to move faster than other companies to a WFH model, impressing our clients and showing them that it is possible even though they were apprehensive.” 

Some businesses were more or less stable because of the nature of business, there was gradual recovery and then the second half of 2020 was extremely strong. “We acquired Personiv in Dec 2020,” says Prital, which is extremely impressive all things considered.  

However, despite all of the uncertainty, the people at eClerx still got promotions and pay increments, something they are very proud to have been able to give their people.  

Learning opportunities also increased with various resources that were made available for employees by eClerx. Prital explained: “We partnered with the University of Miami to provide a certification course on Data Visualization to those interested across the globe – which was recognized as the skill of the year.” How cool is that? 

The end result?  

“Productivity went through the roof, work-life balance improved, and although there was stress, work offered a sense of stability and connection to our employees.”  

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