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The ‘angels’ of UK tech: 9 most active investors of 2020

Anthony Rose, founder and CEO of SeedLegals, tells the audience about his platform

Currently, angel investors across Europe appear to be more positive and active than ever before. Back in 2018, a total investment of $5B (nearly £3.75B) was pumped into European startups directly from private wealth. The same exceeded in 2019 with a new wave of multi-millionaires from companies such as Spotify, TransferWise, and DeliveryHero.

However, according to a report by Dealroom, investments have slowed down during the COVID-19 pandemic. The report notes that funding rounds in Europe have witnessed a drop of 22%. This applies to angel investments as well. While some tourist angels are not seen in the picture, many others are investing actively. The report also notes that some angel investors are as active as they were prior to the pandemic crisis and have come across an increase in the deal flow in some angel-friendly countries.

Here, UKTN has compiled a list of the most active angel investors in the UK right now, the amount they have invested and their notable investments. These angels are important figures in the tech ecosystem of Europe. In addition to their own business, they also back early-stage startups. Check out the list of most active angel investors from the UK below....