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Metaverse fashion marketplace RSTLSS raises £2.67m

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Image credit: RSTLSS

Metaverse fashion platform RSTLSS has raised $3.5m (£2.67m) in a seed round led by BITKRAFT Ventures.

Additional venture capital investment came from Rogue VC, Starting Line, Red DAO, and Venture Reality Fund.

The round also attracted angel investors including media personality Paris Hilton, Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin and EpyllionCo managing partner Matthew Ball.

London-based RSTLSS will use the funding to expand its team and for product improvements ahead of its market launch.

RSTLSS was founded by fashion innovator Charli Cohen to give a platform for brands, influencers and artists to create, wear, play and sell fashion in the metaverse.

The company also grows crypto-native brands and gets traditional IPs into the metaverse through NFT wearable drops.

Charli Cohen founder
RSTLSS founder Charli Cohen founder and CEO


“Identity is about expression and consistency. As we spend more time in virtual worlds, the ability to take what matters most to us across all the environments we exist in will be the expectation,” said Charli Cohen, RSTLSS founder and CEO.

Cohen added: “At RSTLSS, it’s our vision to remove the barriers for artists to create and monetise wearables and merchandise in the metaverse while simultaneously giving consumers ultimate control over their visual identities.”

Cohen has previously created digital fashion for Assassin’s Creed, Pokémon, and Sanrio in games, along with fashion in augmented and virtual reality.

BITKRAFT Ventures, founded by Jens Hilgers, invests in gaming and Web3 businesses globally. BITKRAFT has five venture funds, $570m in assets and over 80 companies in its portfolio. Prior investments include Epic Games and The Action Network.

“RSTLSS is making it seamless for brands to access the metaverse in a scalable way while controlling their IP, players to customise their wearables with limited edition graphics and mint the design as an NFT, and creators to sell and showcase their designs virtually,” said Faye Maidment, associate at BITKRAFT Ventures.

In 2021 investment into UK virtual reality companies hit a record £154m, compared to £90m in 2020.