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WeJaunt makes group travel a jaunt – Startup of the Week

Welcome to the eight episode of the Elevator Pitch series 5!

Every week we publish a 30-second pitch from our Elevator Pitch winners.

These startups, chosen by a panel of expert judges for their potential to change the world, join an alumni group that includes the likes of and Glow, and have to-date raised more than $86m.

In this series we took the founders on a ride unlike any other for the most exciting pitch of their lives.

Select a jaunt

Feeling like a debutante, are you more of a roady, or just simply looking for an escape?

Use WeJaunt‘s social travel marketplace to find, book and share your next holiday with your mates all at the click of a few buttons. You can even use the platform to find and make some new pals.

Customise based on the friends, or colleagues, you might be bringing, plus any other relevant reference points, or just scroll through catchy-named packages for suggested holidays with the upfront costs.

Supply a jaunt

WeJaunt works with independent and startup travel operators to help them increase revenues by easily facilitating group bookings.

They now have European listings, as well as those from UK travel providers, and launched their Android and iOS apps in beta in May.

Customers can quickly add social networks to start building their group and picking their ideal destination.


WeJaunt was founded in October last year and saw initial bookings just one month later.

The company has been bootstrapped so far by cofounders, and brothers, CEO Sam Hall and CTO Will Hall.