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Speakset – Our Startup of the Week

Meet Matthew Simmonds from Speakset – Our Startup of the Week

Every week we’ll publish a 30 second pitch from 12 leading startups from across London. In this series we took the founders to the River Thames, aboard Canary Wharf’s speedboat for the most exciting pitch of their lives.

Speaking freely

Speakset is a new way for the older generation to engage with technology using video calling through the TV.

According to Age UK, over 1 million people over 65 say they are always or often lonely.

By combining their simple technology box with a person’s TV set, Speakset allows older people to keep in contact with friends and family.


Simple setup

Speakset has been designed with simplicity in mind so the setup is extremely easy.

Everything is managed from an online account, meaning children can update and add new contacts for their parents.

The contact list and wifi passwords are preloaded so as soon as the user switches on the unit, they’re good to go!

Going Places

The team have already received a £50,000 grant from the Nominet Trust, who support digital technology companies for social good.

As well as opening up a seed round, the team will use the money to support trials of their devices with some of the largest care organisations in the UK.


Christmas Time

Matt Simmonds told us one common response they get from people is why can’t the elderly just use an iPad?

It requires them learning a completely new skillset. With Speakset, its only uses technology they already know how to use.

The startup was originally inspired co-founder Ewan living with his grandparents.

Ewan would see everyday problems around the house that could be solved by technology, but it just wasn’t accessible to them. We wanted to change that.

Speakset is now available for pre-order in time for Christmas via their website.