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Meet the three FinTech startups pitching at Elevator Pitch LIVE 2017

This year’s Elevator Pitch LIVE competition is just over a week away (get your tickets ), so we thought we’d tell you a little bit more about the exciting FinTech startups pitching on the day.

The competition – our annual quest to find the top rising stars in UK technology – is sponsored by Kreston Reeves, Cisco and Stirling Ackroyd and will see 15 shortlisted startups pitch to a room full of entrepreneurs, investors and industry heavyweights.

Here are the top three UK FinTech startups pitching on the day:


First up, is Surematics, a blockchain-powered startup which seeks to helps commercial insurance brokers structure complicated deals.

The firm, which graduated from renown US-based YCombinator this summer, has so far raised $363,000 from investors.

Essentially, Surematics provides a communication tool to help customers create a virtual deal room and invite participants to discuss terms in a ‘secure’ environment. The company also claims to automate customers’ admin work.  



Up next and with £1m raised to date is SeedLegals, a London-based startup which is taking the investment process online.

The platform enables investors and entrepreneurs to create all the required legal documents to build a company and close their investment round, online.

Launched in March 2017, SeedLegals aims to reduce the time and cost of a startup funding round by 80%.

The firm was co-founded by serial entrepreneur Athony Rose (founder and CEO), Lauren Laffy (founder and chairman) and Antoine Drogon (founder and CTO).


Flux Founders 1

Last but not least is Flux, a data platform that closes the offline to online shopping gap by connecting to the retailer’s point of sale.

The company, which recently announced a £1.5m Seed, was co-founded by employees one, two and four of fellow FinTech firm Revolut and is looking to make paper receipts and loyalty cards a thing of the past.

For more information on Elevator Pitch LIVE 2017, click here. To attend the live pitching demo day next, please register here