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Neurodiversity assistance platform Cognassist raises £4m

Cognassist CEO Chris Quickfall

Digital health and education platform Cognassist has received a £4m investment to expand its neuro-inclusive services from the education sector into the enterprise market.

Founded in 2019, Cognassist has built a software-as-a-service platform to identify unknown learning needs. The company said its product is backed by “extensive scientific research” to determine how to support neurodiverse people.

Users take part in a 30-minute digital assessment and the company claims it can offer actionable ways to improve learning and working experiences.

Cognassist has largely focussed on the education market, however, backed with new funding it will look to offer its services to employers as well.

“This investment will facilitate a significant expansion for Cognassist into the enterprise market, where our science-backed technology will enable businesses to support neurodiverse employees and ensure they are able to reach their full potential,” said Chris Quickfall, founder and CEO of Cognassist.

The investment came from the London-based VC Gresham House Ventures, which last month led the £4.5m seed round for Connect Earth.

“Having established a market-leading education product, Cognassist is at the forefront of this rapidly developing sector and is well positioned to expand into the enterprise market,” said Joe Krancki, investment director at Gresham House Ventures.

“The Cognassist team is passionate about transforming how neurodiverse individuals are perceived and supported in the workplace, and we look forward to working with them to increase understanding and productivity across the UK.”