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Amazon UK to shut down three warehouses employing 1,200 staff

Amazon warehouses
Image credit: GarethWilley via Shutterstock

Amazon has announced it will close three of its UK-based warehouses that collectively employ around 1,200 workers, though the US tech giant has also announced it will open two new fulfilment centres elsewhere.

Warehouses in the Hertfordshire town Hemel Hempstead, the Yorkshire town of Doncaster, and Scotland’s Gourock have all been proposed for closure.

A spokesperson for Amazon said: “As part of that effort, we may close older sites, enhance existing facilities or open new sites, and we’ve launched a consultation on the proposed closure of three fulfilment centres in 2023.

The company has said any employee that loses their position due to the closure of a warehouse will be able to continue to work for Amazon elsewhere.

“All employees affected by site closure consultations will be offered the opportunity to transfer to other facilities and we remain committed to our customers, employees and communities across the UK,” the spokesperson said.

In the same statement, the company also announced it plans to open “two new fulfilment centres creating 2,500 new jobs over the next three years”.

The new locations will be built in Peddimore, West Midlands, and Stockton-on-Tees, County Durham.

It follows the US giant’s plan to cut 18,000 jobs globally, which was made public last week. At the time, Amazon did not state where the job cuts would be and if they would affect its UK workers.