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LocalGlobe’s Suzanne Ashman on the need to fund more women in tech

Suzanne Ashman, a partner at investment firm LocalGlobe, highlights the need to fund more female tech entrepreneurs.

I have real conviction in London, its founders, and their companies. The London ecosystem has grown some world-leading technology businesses: TransferWise, Deliveroo, Farfetch. The founders of all these companies came to London to build ideas into enterprises, to find talent and serve customers. They also have one other thing in common: they’re all male.

London is unique as a city where global businesses, government, creative industries and top universities sit side by side. But London is changing and the venture capital world must also change with it.

My friend Ben Judah wrote a must-read book ‘This is London’, in which he noted that over one-third of Londoners were born abroad, with half arriving since the millennium. The incredible diversity of this city has been one of the primary reasons that the tech sector has thrived here....