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SatVu reveals first thermal images from satellite

SatVu captures
Image credit: SatVu

Space technology company SatVu has revealed the first images and videos captured from its thermal imaging satellite as it commences commercial operations.

Images were taken from around the world at sites including a harbour in Darwin Australia (pictured), Las Vegas and wildfires in Canada.

The firm uses infrared to gather data on building emissions. It plans to provide energy monitoring services for equipment, buildings and water via satellites.

“HOTSAT-1’s ability to capture valuable thermal imagery with applications ranging from logistics optimisation to environmental planning and energy-related decision-making is truly groundbreaking,” said SatVu’s CEO and co-founder, Anthony Baker.

Its satellite rode to space on a SpaceX rocket from California back in June. As the name HOTSAT-1 suggests, the satellite is the first in an expected constellation by the company.

Previously SatVu said it had over £128m in customer commitments. Users will be able to use the heat imaging satellites for information collection and analysis.

Before launching its satellite, the space tech firm added an extra £13m to its Series A round in May.

Dr Paul Bate, chief executive of the UK Space Agency, said: “HOTSAT-1’s ability to provide actionable data across sectors will empower organisations with a clearer picture of our energy impact, so they can make better and more effective, climate-conscious choices to benefit both our planet and its people.”

London-based SatVu says it will commence its Series B round in the first quarter of 2023, after scooping £30.5m to date.

SatVu is one of the recipients of funding from the UK Space Agency’s funding arm.