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Chip design software startup raises £1.2m pre-seed

Custom chip design
Image credit: ChipFlow

A startup developing open-source software for businesses designing custom computer chips has raised £1.2m in pre-seed funding.

Sheffield-based ChipFlow is a hardware description language created on top of the programming language Python for developing digital integrated circuits.

Companies can use the software to run prospective custom chips through debugging, testing, simulation and verification.

Fontinalis Partners led the £1.2m pre-seed in ChipFlow, with Fuel Ventures, InMotion Ventures, APX and more joining. It also received funding from Innovate UK funding.

Tomi Rantakari, COO, ChipFlow, said: “Open source maturation has changed business models and vastly increased overall market opportunity in every industry where it has occurred.

“Even today, existing Open Source hardware coupled with our core platform enables us to build custom ICs for Electronic Manufacturers at a greatly reduced cost.”

Rob Taylor, CEO, ChipFlow, said: “Our platform replaces the time-consuming process of component selection and removes complexities surrounding hardware and software interaction, accelerating innovation whilst reducing time-to-market.”

Hiring for its engineering team, product development and commercial engagement will be the focus for ChipFlow after the round.

The custom chip design startup’s round follows the announcement of the UK’s £1bn semiconductor strategy, which aims to support the country’s activity in the sector.

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