Network kill switch startup unlocks £1.4m funding

Goldilock Image credit: Goldilock

Goldilock, a Wolverhampton-based cybersecurity firm, has secured a $1.7m (£1.4m) seed round for its physical network kill switch.

The seed funding comes from New York Angels and Harvard Business School Alumni Angels of Greater New York.

Companies can plug Goldilock’s cube-shaped device, called ‘Drawbridge’, into network infrastructure. The device does not have its own IP address and can physically disconnect anything that is attached via an ethernet cable.

It provides businesses with physical network segmentation and cold storage security for any devices attached.

Commands can be remotely triggered to the hardware through SMS, such as enabling or disabling each of the devices connected.

CEO and founder, Tony Hasek, said: “Goldilock’s Drawbridge is a critical enhancement to any network’s security. It empowers organisations to respond to cyber threats immediately, remotely and without using the internet.”

In July, Goldilock represented the Midlands as one of eight finalists in KPMG’s UK Tech Innovator 2023.

The network kill switch startup was headquartered in London but moved to the West Midlands last year.

Tom Hirschfeld, a member of the two angel groups, said: “In an increasingly dangerous and digital world, the cyber commands of countries such as the US, UK and Singapore are recommending or requiring that critical national infrastructure be kept physically offline whenever possible.”