Dentacoin Foundation, developing the first blockchain solution for the global dental industry, has announced its eighty-fourth partner location accepting payments in the industry-specific cryptocurrency Dentacoin.

The new landmark addition is the first Africa-based dentist in the global Dentacoin Network: Dr. Jackson Mboya and his Omega Dental Care Clinic in the Dar es Salaam area, Tanzania.

“We decided to implement Dentacoin as we see great potential in a cross-border digital free market,” said Dr. Mboya.

“I am personally impressed with the Dentacoin’s strategy and I believe it can help us reach many more customers around the globe.

“I am thankful to the Dentacoin team for answering my inquiries instantly and helping me go through the easy implementation process.”

Dentacoin has managed to create a new dental ecosystem that shifts the focus from “sick care” to preventive care through dedicated software applications, a smart Assurance model and an industry-specific currency.

It facilitates and leverages the efficient exchange of information and value and addressing various problems in the Dental Healthcare system.

Blockchain is applied to:

  • Make preventive dental care affordable to all people through Dentacoin Assurance;
  • Help people improve their poor oral hygiene habits through the Dentacare app;
  • Provide the missing reliable market data about patients’ opinions/needs through DentaVox surveys;
  • Deliver the infrastructure for trusted and detailed patient feedback for Dentists to improve upon;
  • Ease and secure all payments and ensure lower transactions costs through the Dentacoin currency and the dedicated Wallet dApp.

Since its inception in March 2017, the concept has attracted 1,800+ participating dentists and 190,000+ active users and supporters. The Dentacoin cryptocurrency is officially accepted as a means of payment at 84 dental offices, suppliers, service providers on 6 continents.

As niche as this market might sound at first, there are 1.6M dentists and 6B people on this world, the majority of which are potential Dentacoin users according to Jeremias Grenzebach, co-founder and core developer at Dentacoin.

“The inherent high fragmentation and low industrialisation levels make dentistry an ideal use case for a blockchain solution like Dentacoin to be applied.

“Our long-term goal is to achieve 10% market share within the patient segment, and 12.5% within the dentists.”, explained Jeremias Grenzebach, Co-Founder and Core Developer at Dentacoin.