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COVID-19 not only accelerated digitisation but also increased online fraudulence: Here’s how UK is dealing with it


This year was most certainly difficult as most of the workforce shifted to the work from home model. Additionally, the pandemic accelerated the move to digital, but as great as it sounds, the move comes with its own set of challenges. As more people went online, the number of reported cybercrimes have also gone up. Just in the UK, over 22,000 domains were suspended this year by Nominet in order to keep the public safe. 

It’s important that we take a look at what’s happening in cyberspace ever since COVID-19 happened. How the UK needs to ramp up the rollout of high-speed internet and how the country is dealing with increased cybercrime. Additionally, we will take a look at what 2021 may hold for us, in the cybersecurity space. 

COVID supply chain hack 

The first major threat to the UK’s vaccine research came in the form of hackers snooping around. IBM reported that it tracked a campaign that was aimed at the delivery “cold chain” of COVID-19 vaccines. While the identity of attackers is unknown, IBM says that seeing how sophisticated their methods were, it can be a nation-state.  ...