Aquilai launches Ajax Intelligence phishing solution

Aquilai has launched its cloud-based Ajax Intelligence solution to combat all forms of email phishing prevalent on Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 and G Suite emails.

Shaped in collaboration with GCHQ and National Cyber Security Centre staff, Aquilai says Ajax Intelligence is an effective solution against email phishing. The architecture is optimised and validated as being effective against current and evolving phishing threats that will continue to impact all types of business, from campaigns that trick employees into clicking a malicious link or being socially engineered into giving away sensitive data.

Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Ajax Intelligence automatically learns and adapts without any user intervention. It learns about both the user’s email profile and the company email profile, enabling it to mitigate phishing compromise early in the attack cycle.

Ajax Intelligence inserts helpful contextual banners into each email to advise users while helping guide their responses. The solution will also protect users from malicious web sites by rewriting URLs as the email is processed and is easy to install, with little to no user training required.

Aquilai is an alumni of the GCHQ Cyber Accelerator and member of the first cohort of the London Office for Rapid Cybersecurity Advancement (LORCA).