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Edinburgh’s Adarma gets £2m grant to create 50 cybersecurity jobs

Adarma grant
Image credit: Adarma

Cybersecurity company Adarma has been given a £2m grant from Scotland’s national economic development agency, Scottish Enterprise.

Adarma will use the grant funding for 50 new cybersecurity jobs, the development of its threat management platform and research towards additional services.

“The Scottish government supports these plans to increase diversity through recruitment of entry-level staff from a wider pool of talent, which will help support our objectives to transform the economy,” said Ivan McKee, Scotland’s business minister,

Based in Edinburgh, Adarma offers cybersecurity consulting, technology and managed security services.

Last month the cybersecurity company partnered with The Prince’s Trust to launch its “Get Started in Cybersecurity” programme, which gives those aged 21-30 cyber skills training and promotes inclusivity in the space.

Jane Martin, managing director, innovation and investment, Scottish Enterprise, said: “Adarma has impressed us with its desire to invest in and grow its business, with this latest round of support helping develop and expand its portfolio of products, create jobs and keep it and its customers several steps ahead of cybercriminals.”

In a recent report, it was found that business angel syndicate Archangels had added £1.4bn to the Scottish economy in the tech and life science sectors.