How to buy XRP UK 2022 – beginner’s guide

If you’re wondering how to buy XRP in the UK – you can complete your purchase in less than five minutes with an FCA-regulated cryptocurrency broker.

This guide will walk you through the investment process every step of the way so that you can buy XRP in safety.     

How to Buy XRP UK – Quick Steps  

If you’ve previously purchased cryptocurrency and you are simply wondering how to buy XRP in the UK in the fastest way possible – follow the quickfire guide outlined below.     

Step 1: Open an eToro account eToro is an FCA-regulated broker that allows you to buy XRP in the UK from just $10 (about £7). To get the ball rolling with eToro, visit the platform’s homepage and open an account.         

Step 2: Deposit money – The minimum deposit at eToro is $10 (about £7). Choose from a UK debit/credit card, bank transfer, or an e-wallet like Skrill or Paypal.       

Step 3: Search for XRP – Search for XRP and click on the ‘Trade’ button to go straight to the relevant investment page.      

Step 4: Buy XRP UK – Simply enter the amount of money you want to invest in XRP and click on the ‘Open Trade’ button.      

In just four simple steps, you have just learned how to buy XRP in the UK at FCA-regulated brokerage eToro. 

Scroll down to read our detailed walkthrough should you need further guidance on the XRP investment process.   

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Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

Where to Buy XRP in the UK 

If you’re wondering where to buy XRP in the UK, plenty of online exchanges offer a market on Ripple. However, not only is it best to stick with a platform regulated by the FCA but one that offers low investment fees. 

In the brokerage reviews below, we explore the best places to buy XRP in the UK.   

1. Best Place to Buy XRP UK

As noted above, eToro is an online broker that allows you to buy XRP in the United Kingdom safely. Crucially, this is because the provider is authorized and regulated by the FCA, a British regulatory body. In opening an account with eToro, you will be joining more than 20 million like-minded investors – many of which are beginners. 

There are several core benefits in choosing eToro as your go-to cryptocurrency broker. First, you will only need to pay the spread when you buy XRP in the UK. Second, the online broker allows you to invest in Ripple from just $10. This is ideal for those on a budget or looking to keep their risk exposure to a minimum. eToro supports more than 40+ alternative cryptocurrencies, should you wish to diversify.         

You can also buy and sell stocks and ETFs via the eToro website at 0% commission. Another reason why eToro is so popular in the UK is that it offers Copy Trading services. This allows you to select a seasoned investor and elect to automatically copy their trades. To deposit funds into your eToro account, you can choose from a debit or credit card, Paypal, Skrill, or a bank transfer.   

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Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

2. Binance – Buy XRP UK With a Debit/Credit Card 

Binance allows you to buy XRP in the UK with a debit/credit card. This online exchange is the largest globally in terms of daily trading volume. It is used by over 100 million cryptocurrency traders from around the world – and liquidity levels are potentially the highest that the market has to offer. 


When using Visa or MasterCard here, you will need to go through a third party. This is because Binance is currently being investigated by the FCA. And therefore, not only can it not accept direct debit/credit card payments, but bank transfers have also been suspended. Finally, Binance offers a mobile app that doubles up as a wallet – so you can store XRP safely.  

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Your capital is at risk.

3. Kraken – Buy XRP via Faster Payments   

If you want to buy XRP in the UK via a bank transfer – Kraken supports the Faster Payments network. This means that you will benefit from speedy deposit times. In terms of deposit fees, you will only be charged £1.  

When your bank transfer has been processed by Kraken, you can then buy XRP in the UK at a commission of 0.26%. Kraken offers in excess of 50 other digital currency markets, as well as OTC trades and 24/7 customer support.   

Ways of Buying XRP in the UK

When thinking about how to buy XRP in the UK, there are several ways of doing this from the comfort of home. 

The option you go with will largely depend on which payment method you prefer to use. 

Consider the following ways to buy XRP in the UK right now.    

Buying XRP UK With PayPal

To buy XRP with Paypal in the UK, you can complete the process with eToro. You will pay a small transaction fee of 0.5% – which is to convert British pounds into US dollars. 

Your Paypal deposit should be processed instantly and you only need to meet a minimum of $10 – which is about £7.  

Buy XRP With Credit Card or Debit Card

Most cryptocurrency investors based in the UK will buy XRP with a credit or debit card. The fees attached to this payment method can and will vary considerably. For instance, at Binance, you might end up paying up to 10% of the purchase amount via its third-party partner Simplex.  

At the other end of the spectrum, eToro charges just 0.5%. As noted above, this is an exchange rate fee to swap GBP into USD. Your debit/credit card deposit at eToro will be processed in real-time, so you won’t experience any delays when it comes to buying XRP. 

Buy XRP With Neteller or Skrill

If you don’t want to use Paypal or a debit/credit card, another option to consider is to buy XRP in the UK via Neteller or Skrill. You can use your chosen e-wallet to deposit funds at a fee of just 0.5% via the eToro website.    

Should I Buy XRP UK?

You should make sure that you do plenty of due diligence before you invest in a speculative crypto asset like XRP. In the sections below, we explore some of the considerations to be made when learning how to buy Ripple in the UK.   

Revolutionizing the Trillion-Dollar Interbank Transfer Industry  

The interbank transfer industry facilitates billions of dollars worth of transactions each and every day. The core issue facing this industry – as it has done for several decades, is that banks and financial institutions are forced to go through SWIFT. 

SWIFT is a third-party payments system that relies heavily on third-party correspondent banks to execute cross-currency transactions. This results in banks having to pay hefty fees, and it can take several days for the funds to arrive. 

This is why Ripple and XRP are now being trialed or used by over 200 financial institutions. Put simply, the technology allows banks to perform cross-currency international transactions at a fraction of a penny, and transfers are confirmed in seconds.  

Cheap Cryptocurrency to Buy   

If you’re looking for a cryptocurrency that allows you to purchase a large number of tokens with a small capital outlay, XRP could be perfect for this purpose. After all, while Bitcoin will cost you thousands of pounds just to buy a single token – XRP trades at less than $1.  

You can also buy fractional units of one Bitcoin though (Satoshis), and Bitcoin is a good investment also. Read this guide on how to buy Bitcoin in the UK.

Upside Potential 

In early 2018, XRP breached highs of $3.84 per token. Fast forward to 2022 and this digital currency is now trading at below $1. Not only does this mean that you can enter the market at a highly favorable price, but the upside potential could be significant.  

XRP Price

XRP is a cryptocurrency that is bought and sold all over the world. Although you will be investing in XRP from the UK, this marketplace is traded in US dollars. This is why we have discussed pricing levels in USD as opposed to GBP. 

Nevertheless, this shouldn’t cause you any issues, as the investment process works the same way as if you were buying US-listed stocks or trading commodities like gold and silver. This is because brokers like eToro will simply exchange GBP into USD at the time of your deposit.

If you’re wondering how the price of XRP is determined, this is dictated by demand and supply – just like any other investment product. As such, when the broader sentiment surrounding XRP is positive and more investors are entering the market, its value will be impacted positively.    

XRP Price Prediction  

Many inexperienced cryptocurrency investors will search high and low for XRP price predictions. This is with the view of assessing how much their investment will be worth in the near future. 

However, a far more effective way to gauge future price action is to do your own research. That is to say, instead of searching for XRP price predictions, look at fundamental factors surrounding Ripple – such as how many banks are using its technology.  

How to Buy XRP UK – Tutorial  

Ready to buy XRP in the UK via an FCA-regulated broker? If so, follow the steps below to complete the process with eToro – which is the best place to buy XRP in the UK.         

Step 1: Open an eToro Account 

First, you will need to open an account with eToro – which requires some basic information from you. This includes your name, residential address, date of birth, and contact details.            

You will also need to read and accept the platform’s terms of conditions, before entering your national insurance number.     

Step 2: Upload ID 

As noted above, eToro is authorized and regulated by the FCA. Therefore, to get your account verified, upload a copy of your passport or driver’s license.        

Step 3: Deposit Money  

The minimum eToro deposit is just $10 for those based in the UK. Deposit funds instantly with a UK debit/credit card or an e-wallet like Paypal. Bank transfers take 1-3 days to process.       

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

Step 4: Search for XRP 

Now you can enter ‘XRP’ into the search box and click on ‘Trade’.       

This will result in an order box appearing on your screen.   

Step 5: Buy XRP UK

The final step is to let eToro know how much XRP you want to buy.    

eToro requires a minimum of just $10 – or about £7. Click ‘Open Trade’ to confirm your investment.    


In reading this beginner’s guide from start to finish, you should now know how to buy XRP in the UK with an FCA-regulated broker. 

The process takes less than five minutes at eToro – and you only need to meet a minimum deposit and investment of $10.

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Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk. Additionally, 68% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.


Is XRP a good buy now?

XRP is a volatile asset and as such – won’t be suitable for all investors. Consider performing in-depth research on this digital asset before proceeding. 

Where can I buy XRP in the UK?

You can buy XRP in the UK via eToro in less than five minutes. 

How do I buy XRP stock?

‘Stocks’ of this asset do not exist, as XRP is a cryptocurrency.  

Where can I buy XRP right now?

You can buy Ripple right now via a UK debit card at FCA-regulated broker eToro. 

Can you buy XRP on Coinbase UK?

If you are wondering how to buy XRP with Coinbase, you should know that this broker no longer supports Ripple. 

How do I Buy and Sell XRP UK?

You can both buy and sell XRP in the UK via the eToro website.