Copywriting: The Key to a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign


In 1996, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates wrote an essay titled ‘Content is King’. A quarter of a century on, it’s difficult to argue with that statement. Gates anticipated that content is where “much of the real money will be made on the Internet”, and that prediction has certainly been borne out over the past 25 years.

Businesses across all sectors face a wide range of challenges. First and foremost, of course, is providing a valuable product or service to their customers. But even a revolutionary idea will not reap much success if you can’t market it properly. That’s where content comes in and, more specifically, that’s where the art of copywriting plays a pivotal role.

It’s a skill that underpins almost any successful digital marketing campaign. But just why is it so important, and what are the fundamentals of good copywriting?

What is copywriting?

As the name suggests, copywriting is the art of writing copy (words), in this case for the online space. However, there are other elements to a copywriter’s role. These include research, conducting interviews that will inform their work, editing, proofreading and even creating marketing strategies based around their copy.

Many people assume all copywriting is done for advertisements, but the reality is quite different. While some copywriters do create content for ads, others will write informative, educational content designed to help the user understand more about a topic or even assist them in making a decision about a certain product or service.

Where is copywriting used?

Copywriting is likely to feature in almost all aspects of a digital marketing campaign. For example, a business will need content that is created and optimised for the commercial landing pages on its website, as well as any supporting content such as blogs. Additionally, a marketing strategy might require copy for email campaigns, social media posts, industry reports, PPC ads and longer-form pieces such as white papers and e-Books.

Why is copywriting so important?

Copywriting is a great way for businesses to connect with their audience. It allows brands to define their tone of voice and carve out an authentic identity that sets them apart from their competitors.

It can also be a fundamental tool in promoting the product or service. A good copywriter can tap into the target audience’s mindset, put themselves in the customer’s shoes and shape their content accordingly to answer those questions or serve those needs.

All of which contributes towards a successful digital marketing campaign, which in turn helps a business to achieve its goals.

What are the keys to good copywriting?

  • Tone of voice: This will vary depending on the business and the industry. An interior design company, for example, is likely to use flowery, colourful language whereas a firm of medical negligence solicitors will be much more strait-laced in its communications.
  • Readability: In most cases, short sentences are preferable as they are easier to digest, while use of too much technical jargon is likely to put the reader off. Be clear in what you’re trying to say and don’t use 20 words when six will do.
  • Emotive: Can you tap into the emotions of the audience? What are their needs? If it’s for an aspirational product, try to use language that a consumer would associate with those desires.
  • Clean: Careful editing and proofreading is essential. We all make mistakes, typos and grammatical errors, but when they show up in published content, a customer may see it as evidence of sloppiness and it might have a negative effect on your brand’s image.