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Digital Catapult launches Northern Ireland sustainability accelerator

Digital Catapult Northern Ireland
Image credit: Digital Catapult

An accelerator encouraging sustainable innovation in the agricultural and manufacturing industries in Northern Ireland has been launched by Digital Catapult.

The Digital Catapult initiative was launched in partnership with Northern Ireland’s Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs and aims to accelerate the region’s net-zero goals.

The Tenfold NetZero Accelerator Programme will develop proof-of-concepts with agricultural and manufacturing businesses to improve efficiency as well as sustainability.

The solutions being targeted are reducing glass waste in bottle production and identifying agricultural innovation for more accurate nutrient measurement and usage.

“Our goal is to ensure businesses of all sizes can achieve business growth and improved efficiency in their journey to net zero,” said Sue McGuire, senior strategic partnerships manager at Digital Catapult.

“The programme is a unique opportunity for industry to partner with the wider UK technology ecosystem and leverage emerging digital technologies through their insights, knowledge and skills.”

Digital Catapult is a network of researchers, startups and industry leaders that supports the adoption of new technologies in different industries.

Speaking at the launch of the call for applications at Dale Farm in Belfast, Northern Ireland’s Minister of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs Andrew Muir said: “Tenfold NetZero demonstrates how Northern Ireland’s public and private sector can work together to develop solutions that benefit industry, drive innovation, achieve green growth and hopefully create sustainable business models that can be emulated across DAERA’s sectors.”

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