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Carbon removal platform from Onfido co-founder scores £19m

Carbon removal
Image credit: Natthapong Ponepormmarat via Shutterstock

Isometric, a platform that provides carbon removal data to clients founded by the co-creator of digital ID startup Onfido, has secured $25m (£19m) in funding.

Operating in the carbon offset market, Isometric’s platform was designed to support the development of climate protocols that can quantitively assess the net amount of carbon removed by a process. This data is required to verify carbon credits.

Founded by Eamon Jubbawy – who previously co-founded Onfido, one of the largest digital ID companies in Europe – Isometric is looking to de-emphasise avoidance-based carbon offsets in the wider market, to instead focus on actionable carbon removal.

“There are two non-negotiable challenges for the human race over the coming decades: first, decarbonize our economy; second, scale carbon removal,” Jubbawy said.

“I decided to build Isometric as the critical missing piece of infrastructure required to scale carbon removal.

“We have a tough journey ahead of us and it was crucial for me to pick partners that were 100% aligned with my vision.”

The funding round was led by Lowercarbon Capital and Plural and will go towards the hiring of additional scientists and engineers.

“Bringing trust to carbon dioxide removal is fundamental to allow the kind of investments needed to avoid a climate catastrophe,” said Khaled Helioui co-founder and partner at Plural.

“Eamon is one of the most impressive founders of his generation. His experience building Onfido makes him uniquely equipped to steward the responsible and fast scale-up of carbon removal space.”