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The intelligent translation era: the next step in going global

By Peggy Chen, CMO at SDL 

As marketers, we work in the economy of language and communication. It’s a powerful tool when it’s done right. However, as businesses continue to operate on a global scale, with not just different languages to speak to but a myriad of cultural nuances, this can be easily undermined with just a simple incorrect or misplaced word or phrase.  

Let’s take Heinz as an example: an advanced, successful global brand, that recently launched a new condiment. Whilst a welcome addition to the brand’s sauce selection for some consumers, others noticed the mishap for the wording for a dialect spoken by the Cree, a First Nations group in Canada and North America. Luckily Cree have a good sense of humour, however, given the dominance of Heinz around the world, it’s a mistake they can’t afford to make lightly.  ...