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iTunes is dead! Long live iTunes!

By Jon Reily, Vice President, Global Strategy Lead, Publicis Sapient

Apple’s always wild and wonderful Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) took place last week. An Apple aficionado’s dream, the event inevitably, and annually, launches the beginnings of new endeavors; however, this year marked an end to one of Apple’s legacy mainstays; Apple said a final goodbye to iTunes.

iTunes is an easy target nowadays. It’s not the sleek, shiny, slender app it was in 2001. Over the years it’s become more encumbered with responsibility, gained a lot of weight, and is slow to move and act. Though to be fair, who among us hasn’t gained a little weight in the last 18 years? It’s easy to throw stones at the app, or platform would be a better way to put it, it’s an easy target for our angst. However, much like many things we grew up with we’ve taken it for granted and don’t really appreciate or give credit for everything it’s done for us over the years....