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Internet 4.0 and COVID-19: driving Zoom, Slack and next-gen 2020’s SaaS revolutions

By Victoria Dmitrenko

Digital transformation is a buzzword we’ve heard over the last few years, but with ever smarter and more powerful mobile devices, cloud apps, video conferencing, extended reality collaboration across screens, headsets and so much more, what’s coming this decade will make Slack and Zoom look like they’re from the B&W TV era of modern technology.

Everything moves in cycles, and we’ve certainly already experienced a range of cycles in computing. From the centralised word processing systems of the 1970s through to the decentralised freedom of the 80s and 90s Mac and PC or personal computing revolution, nothing ever stays still.

The mid to late 90s saw the birth of the modern Internet era, and the first great portable devices like the Palm Pilot and the first digital cell phones taking over from earlier analogue models arrive as well....