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AI is in a ‘renaissance period’, says Sure Valley Ventures CTO

Sure Valley Ventures AI
Image credit: Sure Valley Ventures

Recent advances in technologies like ChatGPT mean we are currently at the beginning of an AI “renaissance period”, according to the recently appointed CTO of venture capital firm Sure Valley Ventures.

“We’re kind of at the start of the next wave of a renaissance period equivalent to what we saw with the early days of the internet, equivalent to what we saw with smartphones and cloud computing,” said John Frizelle, who joined Sure Valley Ventures in January as CTO and venture partner.

Sure Valley Ventures invests between €750,000 and €1,500,000 into seed-stage AI businesses spanning enterprise, VR and cybersecurity. Last March the investment firm closed an £85m fund to back early-stage British software startups in sectors including the metaverse, AI, web3 and cybersecurity....