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Sage launches generative AI co-pilot for SMEs

Sage AI co-pilot
Image credit: Sage

Enterprise software provider Sage has launched a generative AI productivity assistant to work alongside its HR and accounting tools.

The explosion in popularity of generative AI has prompted dozens of tech firms to incorporate so-called “co-pilots” into their product offering.

Microsoft has its ChatGPT-powered AI co-pilot, Salesforce launched Einstein GPT and now Newcastle software giant Sage is entering the AI productivity market.

Sage said its AI co-pilot will “act as a trusted member of the team”, performing administrative and repetitive tasks such as creating and sending invoices.

The AI tool can also generate insights and recommendations for businesses for budgeting and financial planning.

Sage CEO Steve Hare said the co-pilot “revolutionises” SME and accountant productivity by bringing “trusted AI into the heart of their operations—automating tasks and providing insights to fuel growth and efficiency”.

“It’s not just an AI feature; it’s a commitment to building a future where businesses can focus on their goals.”

Other features of the tool include drafting messages to co-workers, creating lists for task management and generating cash flow analysis.

The company said the AI co-pilot would be available in the UK “later in 2024” within the group’s small business and accountants’ suites.

Last year, Sage posted a 12% uptick in recurring revenue, with cloud sales and software subscriptions being cited as growth areas.