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Automated upskilling platform Obrizum scores £9.5m


Obrizum, a Cambridge-based data-driven upskilling platform, has boosted its funding to $17m (£14m) with a Series A investment of $11.5m (£9.5m).

Obrizum claims it can improve the performance of employees across any sector through its adaptive learning process.

The startup has created a platform that uses automation analytics to provide businesses with digital learning assessments at scale.

The Obrizum platform uses algorithms to provide users with custom skills challenges suited to where they are in their career development.

“Human capital costs are almost always one of the highest outgoing expenses in any business, not having a highly trained workforce who have easy access to the information they need to upskill fast is costing enterprises hundreds of millions of dollars,” said Obrizum co-founder Chibeza Agley.

“We founded Obrizum because we knew existing systems of learning and training would not withstand the ever-expanding and rapidly changing global body of knowledge.”

The new funding has been provided by Guinness Ventures along with Beaubridge, Juno Capital Partners, Qatar Science and Tech Holdings, and Celeres Ventures.

“We have since been proven right in our predictions that automation would be crucial, time would be at a premium, personalisation would be a requirement rather than a luxury and data would be the most precious of all commodities,” Guinness Ventures head, Shane Gallwey.

“Obrizum’s adaptive learning technology not only cuts training times for large enterprises but ensures better learning outcomes.”

The Cambridge firm previously secured £1.8m in funding in an investment round in January 2021.