Startup using AI to generate 3D animation raises £8.2m

AI animation Animated character created by Move AI. Image credit: Move AI

Move AI, a startup using artificial intelligence to generate 3D motion capture animations, has raised $10m (£8.2m).

Based in London, Move AI describes its mission as democratising 3D animation. The startup uses AI and computer vision techniques to make 3D animations out of 2D videos.

Currently, the process of turning human motion into 3D animation is a time and cost-intensive process requiring specialist equipment.

Move AI claims that with its software, users can rapidly produce HD 3D animation by extracting the natural motions from videos.

The company added that because of its advanced computer vision system, the platform can generate animations without the need for green screens, or motion capture suits.

The startup is targeting its tech towards creators in the gaming and entertainment industries.

The company’s single-camera motion capture tool, called Move One, which generates animations from smartphone videos, is currently in an invite-only beta.

The funding round featured Play Ventures, Warner Music Group, RKKVC, Level2 Ventures and Animoca Brands.

“We’re particularly excited to see Move AI’s impact on reducing development costs and timelines for games companies,” said Kenrick Drijkoningen, General Partner at Play Ventures.

“We believe winners in the future will need to use tools like Move AI to stay ahead. In addition, we believe this will open up totally new use cases such as user-generated content.”

Move AI’s co-founder and CEO, Tino Millar added: “We are excited to use this funding round to double down on our efforts to reduce the cost of 3D animation and make it more accessible to creators.”