AI firm Kaizan raises $1.2m for ‘Siri for client teams’ platform


AI tech firm Kaizan has raised $1.2m in a pre-seed funding round led by Jigsaw to further the development of its client intelligence platform.

Self-described as the “Siri for client success teams”, Kaizan’s AI platform provides tools to client support teams who are increasingly interacting with clients exclusively digitally.

Kaizan claims that by using its platform, client teams will be able to simplify the managing and scaling of their companies’ client list.

“As client management moves into a digital-first era, we’re building a world-class team of engineers, product designers and NLP experts to tackle this huge opportunity; building an AI to guide client teams on how to maximise client happiness and revenue,” said Kaizan co-founder and CEO Glen Calvert.

“The time has come to accelerate product and revenue milestones by building out a great team and value add investors”.

Fellow Kaizan co-founder and CTO Pravin Paratey added: “The ability to apply proprietary fine-tuned models to the growing volume of digital communication has created a unique opportunity in language interfaces and AI that can read, write, share, and offer teams cues to proactively upsell and cross-sell.”

Dan Jones, co-founder and managing partner at Jigsaw said: “There is a huge repository of embedded insights and intelligence trapped within the growing volumes of corporate documents, emails, and communication in tools like G Meet, Zoom, Slack.

“By aggregating data and insights across the enterprise, the possibilities are profound. You can start asking sophisticated questions to your data like “what are the last three most important interactions with client X over 6 months that led to churning off of our product?

“Kaizan’s platform offers game-changing possibilities to shift enterprise productivity and CRM tools from a transactional system of record to a relational intelligence platform that drives revenue.”

Other participants in the over-subscribed pre-seed round include angel investors from Entrepreneur First, Charlotte St Capital, Founders Factory, Silicon Roundabout Ventures, NICE, Ledger, IPONWEB, MIQ and Gtmhub.