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AI customer support chatbot platform Futr raises £2.1m


AI-powered customer service provider Futr has closed a £2.1m funding round for its machine learning live chatbot technology.

The London startup provides businesses with an alternative to the traditional call centre customer service model with around the clock multilingual live chat.

The chatbots use conversational AI to generate human-like responses and have an auto-translate feature with over 120 languages. These bots can be integrated across various channels, including company websites and brand Facebook pages and WhatsApp.

Founded in 2017, Futr describes its platform as conversation as a service and is already in use by police services, local governments, and private sector organisations.

The company will be putting the new funds towards bringing its AI customer support bots to a wider range of service teams.

“More organisations now realise accessible platform technology can be deployed instantly to deliver better customer service. Thus, interest in intelligent chat solutions has exploded,” said Futr co-founder and CEO Andy Wilkins.

The latest round of funding saw participation from new investors at Blackfinch Ventures, along with previous investors Praetura Ventures and the British Robotics Fund.

Dr Reuben Wilcock, head of ventures at Blackfinch, said: “We strive to invest in disruptive companies with talented founders that are addressing real-world needs. Futr is an exact match on all three values, with the quality of its technology shining through as well as the experience of its brilliant team.”

Praetura Ventures director Guy Weaver said: “The platform architecture gives Futr a competitive advantage, meaning it’s leading developments in the rapidly expanding conversation as a service market. We believe chatbot technology is a high-growth area, and Futr is in a great position to take advantage of the increased demand.”

The startup’s last funding round was in 2019 when the company raised £2.4m in seed funding in a round led by Praetura Ventures.