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AI Safety Summit’s day one agenda revealed

AI summit safety
Bletchley Park. Image credit: Minka Guides / Shutterstock.

The government has unveiled the agenda for the opening day of its AI Safety Summit in November that will focus on the risks of frontier AI.

The two-day event set to take place in Bletchley Park from 1 November will open with parallel sessions on understanding frontier AI risks including to national security.

Topics will include the potential use of AI in election disruption, erosion of social trust and the exacerbation of global inequalities.

The event will then feature a roundtable discussion on improving safety as a means to unleash the opportunity presented by the technology.

The day will conclude with a panel on the topic of “transformative opportunities of AI for public good”, looking at AI’s potential contributions to education in particular.

The tech secretary will provide closing remarks.

“We are setting out a focused plan for the AI Safety Summit to face up to the risks of frontier AI, so together with our partners around the world we can reap the enormous benefits this transformative technology has to offer,” said tech secretary Michelle Donelan.

“AI presents an immense opportunity to drive economic growth and transformative breakthroughs in medicine, clean energy, and education. Tackling the risk of AI misuse, so we can adopt this technology safely, needs global collaboration.

“By bringing together leading nations, companies, academics and civil society at Bletchley Park next month, the UK is leading the conversation about creating a safe, positive future with AI.”

There still remain questions on who will be in attendance of the event. It was revealed earlier this month that the summit will be limited to round 100 attendees split roughly between cabinet ministers, CEOs from top AI companies, academics and civil society representatives.

Chip firm Graphcore confirmed to UKTN that it was one of the private companies invited to the summit. Graphcore designs processing units which are an essential component in AI infrastructure.

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