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UK to host global AI safety summit

AI safety summit
Image credit: Simon Walker / No 10 Downing Street

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has revealed the UK will organise the first global AI safety summit this autumn.

The prime minister will meet with US President Joe Biden today at the White House to discuss an “international framework” surrounding the technology and how it can be used safely.

Sunak said: “Time and time again throughout history we have invented paradigm-shifting new technologies and we have harnessed them for the good of humanity. That is what we must do again.”

The goal is for the AI safety summit will become a base for nations to conceive a “shared approach” to addressing its associated problems.

“The Global Summit on AI Safety will play a critical role in bringing together government, industry, academia and civil society, and we’re looking forward to working closely with the UK Government to help make these efforts a success,” said Demis Hassabis, CEO and co-founder of Google DeepMind.

This week tech secretary Chloe Smith said the government should steer clear of “traditional governance models” and cooperate with companies on regulating technologies such as AI.

US big data company Palantir today said the UK will become its European headquarters for AI development.

Scrutiny of AI is also underway by the UK’s competition watchdog through a foundation AI models review.

In March the government released an AI whitepaper highlighting five areas that need to be considered by regulators.

A £100m generative AI taskforce was then launched by Sunak and a £100m AI fund by Innovate UK in April.

Government data suggests AI is worth £3.7bn to the country’s economy and is responsible for 50,000 jobs.